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How can we take care of ourselves, each other and our planet?

This Charity Series, where all money raised is donated to charity, is about bringing people possibilities to find well-being and meaning in their lives through online video courses led by inspiring, experienced teachers of personal development, movement, physical and mental health, spirituality and environmental regeneration.


Through these courses, people can meet, learn, grow, and connect. We believe that through personal connections and conversations from the heart we can create meaningful change in our personal lives and positively influence the world. Together.

In the spring of 2022, WisdomLabs organizes a Charity Series with several events, both online and live in Stockholm, where we invite many different speakers, meditation teachers, public speakers and guests from Sweden, USA, England, Ireland, France and Germany to come and lead seminars, public speeches, workshops and meditations together with us. All money raised will be donated 100% to charity.

The events touch on important topics such as peace, humanity, connection, community, togetherness, relationships, friendship, joy, love, communication, understanding and gratitude in different ways.

The money we raise is sent to the non-profit organisation Give Effectively, which is inspired by the ideas of the Effective Altruism movement, and is run with the help of
Effective Altruism Sweden. This organisation has developed a way to donate to where the money will make the most significance, by finding especially effective, transparent projects. All proceeds go entirely to your charity of choice, supporting people, animals or the environment.

Read more here: https://geeffektivt.se/en

*Note: The money raised from the event about Active Hope on 7 June with Chris Johnstone will be sent to the non-profit organisation ActiveHope.training, a UK non-profit that creates resources to support positive change in the world. https://activehope.training/

All meetings will be live-streamed online via zoom, except the last one in June which is live in Stockholm.

Read more about each individual guest under the respective dates under
"Book event".

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"Did you know that the very best charities are expected to make about 100x more difference per SEK than average? Finding these particularly effective organisations yourself is something very difficult, especially as most projects don't share much about their activities. That's why I started geeffektivt.se, where we gather projects that are particularly effective in the areas of global health, animal welfare and climate. This way, our donors can be confident that their money is making the biggest possible difference in the world." - Henri Thunberg, Founder & Chief Operating Officer, Give Effectively

Language is in Swedish (SWE) or in English (ENG).

April 19th: Dr. Anna María Pálsdóttir - Here and Now: Restful and Awake in the Garden (Alnarps Rehabilitation Garden at Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences) (SWE)

April 25th: Staffan Hammers - Buddha's 4 Noble Truths & how we can use them in our daily lives (SWE)
April 28th: Annki Warberg-Landahl & Klas Landahl - The multidimensional Heart - Kundalini Yoga to live music (SWE)

May 2nd: Julie Sharon-Wagschal - Create & maintain greater love & health in relationships. Gottman's work with Q&A. (ENG)

May 4th: Axel Wennhall - Meditation - An Inner Adventure (SWE)
May 5th: Andy Wisterich - Creating Healthy Relationships with Other People & the Earth (ENG)

April 9th: Susie Hooper -
Increasing our Self-Compassion (ENG)
May 15th: Jem (Chân Pháp Hộ) - Inner & Outer Relationships & Community (SWE)
May 16th: Sinéad Collins - The Wise Heart: Heartopening Hatha Yoga & Meditation (ENG)
May 18th: Mia Lehndal - Tantric Relationships (SWE)
May 19th: Mimmi Tollerup - Welcome to the Body: Guided Workshop in Creative Dance (SWE)
May 22th: Mick Mc Evoy - Regeneration and Rewilding: Healing and Transformation for the Land and for ourselves (ENG)
May25th: Micke Gunnarsson - The Leadership of Love (SWE)
May 30th: Lasse "Brandmannen" Gustavson - Self Leadership and Humanity (SWE)

June 2nd: Tashy Endres - How to speak our truths with care? An introduction to Nonviolent Communication (NVC) (ENG)

June 5th: Peter Elmberg: Mundekulla - Tänk 7 generationer framåt innan varje viktigt beslut (SWE)

June 7th: Chris Johnstone - Active Hope in Difficult Times (ENG)
June 9th: Bengt Renander - Stop the Terrorism of Thought
(Live at Nyloftet, Skansen, Stockholm) (SWE)




You can buy tickets in different price ranges depending on your financial circumstances. Recommended price 40-60€.

You can find tickets for the different events under "Book event".

If you would like to buy a "ticket pass" which gives you access to ALL the spring online events, it costs 1800 SEK. Please note that this ticket is not valid for Bengt Renander's live event the 9th of June and that there is a limited number of seats available for this event.

Zoom links and/or tickets for booked events will be sent by email.

All money received from ticket sales will be sent in full to charity.


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We truly believe that these meetings will be incredibly enriching and joyful moments that shine with togetherness and have a taste of generosity and compassion.


Our deepest, heart-felt THANKS to all our loving, kind-hearted guest teachers for your participation!