Authentic relating
awareness, courage, kindness


"This is the best course I have attended and experienced"


Henrik Ottosson


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Upcoming courses: April 2nd-3rd Stockholm, April 9th-10th Gothenburg & May 21th-22th Malmö


is about communicating in a way that promotes connection, transparency and openness.

   Authentic relating is for those who want to broaden and deepen their social skills, who want to be brave and try new things in relation to others - to create more fun, deep and authentic relationships.

   Thirty years of research shows us that there is a special moment in every relationship that has the potential to create a stronger bond between people. Namely, when one person does something that feels vulnerable and the other person responds to it with kindness.

   Through guided exercises and games, you get to try to have courage, open up a little more and listen and respond in a kind way when someone else says or does something vulnerable. Step by step, you will build up your ability to be aware of what is going on in you and the other person, to be present and to respond in a natural and authentic way. The exercises are fun, intimate and educational.


   Participants who have attended our course often feel empowered afterwards, experiencing that they have new insights about themselves and others. They feel that they have the tools to create deeper relationships themselves, instead of waiting for it to happen by chance. The knowledge and experience you gain in this course can be taken into all your relationships. It is useful both between colleagues and romantic partners, with family members and with friends.

The skills we practice 

In pairs or groups, we practice the ability to be in authentic contact with ourselves and others by, among other things:

  • Getting in touch with what is happening here and now
    (mindfulness, conscious presence)

  • Seeing one's thoughts as hypotheses about reality,
    rather than truths

  • Be emotionally present

  • Respond with kindness 

  • Be curious about and open to the other person

  • Take responsibility for our own thoughts and feelings

  • Getting in touch with and expressing our needs

  • Giving feedback and having difficult conversations

  • Noticing our behaviors and asking how they affect others

  • Openness and vulnerability to build trust


Exercises are done in pairs, in small groups and as a whole group.


After completing the course, our aim is that you:

  • Feel more in touch with what you are experiencing in the present moment

  • Can see your strengths in relationship building

  • Have gained insight into obstacles and fears that may be standing in the way of your ability to build deeper relationships.

  • Gained concrete tools and exercises that you can start using with your partner or friends

  • Gained a theoretical overview of the keys to deep relationships

  • Got in touch with your values regarding friendships

The course is designed from psychological basis in:

  • Psychology of Learning

  • ACT

  • Mindfulness

  • Polyvagal theory

  • Attachment Theory

  • Somatic Experiencing / Trauma

Feedback from previous participants

Average course rating: 4,9 out of 5

"Everything was so exciting and developing. We gave and received. I felt that everyone was very present and engaged - both the facilitators and the participants."


"I was reminded that the ability to be authentic and in touch with both myself and others is something that can be practiced, and not a personal characteristic that one may or may not have"


"Useful tools that deepen and improve relationships with ourselves and others. The responsible involvement and approach of the course leaders was inspiring."


"You have a fine balance between dignity and humility and an ability to create a sense of comfort through your leadership."