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In a private session I will guide you in Relational Mindfulness® (also known as Circling) for 50 minutes, followed by 10 minutes of reflection.  The session takes place online through Zoom.

In the session you gain insight into your behaviors, thoughts, feelings and sensations as they appear in the session here and now. You might strengthen your ability to be present, genuine, open and vulnerable in relationships. A session may also lead to letting go of unnecessary perceptions about yourself and others, letting go of obstacles and letting creativity and playfulness emerge. Everything happens spontaneously in the meeting and we have no goal but to follow what feels alive in the moment. You can book one session or several.

These sessions are available both in English and in Swedish.


Cost: Currently only 250 SEK/session

Times and booking: Contact me at
or +46 (0)72-3201009 to book an appointment

Daniel Ek

is a licensed psychologist since 14 years and has his background in CBT, ACT and Vipassana Insight Mediation. He has also immersed himself in Somatic Experiencing and Functional Analytic Psychotherapy and is trained in Circling and Authentic Relating.

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